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Sarah Brianna Smith, SRMP, RYT has dedicated her life to finding the balance between inner and outer beauty. As a Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner, Intuitive Make Up Artist and Yoga Teacher, Sarah has dedicated her life to educating individuals on how to heal their minds, bodies and souls. By helping people heal from trauma and awaken to their soul's purpose, Sarah is able to increase their self love and quality of life. 

Prior to becoming a formally trained healer and teacher, Sarah spent over 14 years as a professional Make Up Artist. From servicing the world's top paid models to women going through chemotherapy, those who have come across Sarah’s make up brushes have shared intimate and vulnerable moments with her. It was through that journey, Sarah discovered her life’s purpose. All women need to be able to access their inner beauty as well as their outer beauty. Intuitive make up artistry, energy healing and mindful movement are the perfect methods in achieving that harmonious balance where the inner soul and outer appearance reflect each other.

Sarah’s own journey with holistic health stems from watching a family member struggle with addiction. When it came time for Sarah to seek out her own healing from a physical illness, she chose methods that did not rely on heavy pharmaceuticals. Through shamanic reiki, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, yoga and meditation, Sarah learned she could heal her mind, body and soul. As she deepened onto the path of healing, the vision to share with other women became clear.


  • Shamanic Reiki Worldwide Levels 2 and Master Practitioner- Melanie Ryan, LCSW, SRMT
  • Reiki 1- Melanie Ryan, LCSW, SRMT
  • Shamanic Living Course, Melanie Ryan, LCSW, SRMT
  • Chakra Balancing Workshop, Dorinda Gay


  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training, Asheville Yoga Center
  • Yoga Alliance Registered


  • Make Up Application Certification, MAC Cosmetics
  • Make Up Lesson Certification, MAC Cosmetics
  • Advanced Make Up Certification, MAC Cosmetics
  • Eyelash Extension Certification, Novalash
  • Airbrush Make Up Course, MAC Cosmetics
  • Serviced NY Fashion Week for several of the world's leading fashion brands.
  • Consulted with JAM Cosmetics, Wander Beauty and Decorte doing photo shoots, facilitating training seminars and educating consumers.
  • Beauty and Style Editor for Eventful Magazine from 2011-2013.
  • Worked on editorial projects for Eventful Magazine, Luxe Life Events, Nifty Magazine, Estee Lauder, Paolo Corona Paris and INC for Macy’s. 
  • Worked with celebrity clientele for numerous high profile events including The Met Gala.
  • Worked on Broadway Shows with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS such as Broadway Bares and Broadway Backwards.


Sarah's Journey


It all started with a little girl who had a thirst for adventure, a passion for Mother Nature and a love of lipstick. As a young child I was consistently getting into things. Slightly impulsive, I embodied the phrase, "Ask for forgiveness not permission." My parents would find me climbing furniture, then trees, eventually mountains and every single obstacle in my path. They would also find me doing this covered in my mother's favorite lipstick. The perfect embodiment of the divine feminine and masculine. 

At a very young age I started off as a Snowboard Instructor. My pull to mountains is magnetic. It was in that job that I discovered a passion for guiding, leading, and teaching others and an even bigger love for watching them succeed. This job laid down foundational tools that I still embody nearly 20 years later into my soul's purpose. From small children to mature adults, I have taught them all and in return they have taught me. With teaching also comes learning. I've spent the greater part of a decade educating myself in so many different areas. I'm certified in Usui reiki, shamanic reiki master practitioner, 200 hour yoga teacher and chakra balancing in addition to several make up certifications from MAC Cosmetics. The world of inner and outer beauty have met in my brain and heart so I can share it with others through my words and hands.

There was some time that overlapped with being both a Snowboard Instructor and Make Up Artist. During that time period I discovered that the same common thread tied the two together beautifully. Education. The simple method of showing someone how to do something and then teaching them how to do it just comes naturally to me. 

Eventually that chapter in the mountains finished so I could spend all of my time in the concrete jungle. I spent over a decade teaching fellow Make Up Artists and managing multi-million dollar cosmetic businesses. Through some of the largest cosmetic companies in the world, I was fortunate enough to receive extensive professional training in business management with a strong emphasis on coaching both individuals and teams to achieve their highest potential.

 I've never been one to name drop and so my professional demeanor, artistic talent, and discretion have landed me jobs with high profile clientele all over the world. I've worked backstage at New York Fashion Week and on Broadway. With models, celebrities, and brides. From the world's top paid models to women going through chemotherapy, women who have come across my make up brushes have shared intimate and vulnerable moments with me. All women need to be able to access their inner beauty as well as their outer beauty. Intuitive make up artistry is just one method in achieving that harmonious balance where the inner soul and outer appearance reflect each other.

My chapter in New York City came to a close when the universe rerouted me to my true purpose. Healing. I needed to spend more time in nature to get back in touch with that little girl who found more value in the first fall of a snowflake than the American dollar. I've spent time traveling all over the world learning different healing modalities. Shamanism is where my soul has guided me. Utilizing indigenous healing modalities is no longer a choice for me. It runs through every cell of my being and in the places where cells don't exist. A core belief of this type of healing is that you can heal yourself and simultaneously heal others. All is universal and interconnected. Adapting to this type of a lifestyle is beneficial not only for the person looking to be healed but also for the healer and ultimately Mother Earth. 

Guided by intuition and fueled by education, the slightly impulsive little girl rewrote that story so she could guide others to rewrite theirs.

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