Reiki: Empowering Women to Heal




Reiki is an ancient Eastern healing practice that works with the subtle body and chakra system to restore balance to your energetic centers.  Reiki frees and moves energy through the practice of laying of hands and touch.  Similar to Acupuncture or Tai Chi, Reiki releases physical, mental, and emotional blockages in the body.   

A Reiki treatment offers an opportunity to connect with yourself at a deep level. Many people often feel grounded, nurtured and a sense of calm after their first session. After a few sessions people can start to feel more empowered in their everyday life. The relationship that the practitioner and recipient build sets the foundation to not only work on the energetic field, but also to work on practices that will help the recipient move forward in life with feelings of guidance, support  and well being.  

A Reiki treatment begins with a conversation about your healing goals at this time.  You will lay on a table in your comfortable clothes and be encouraged to breathe deeply and relax.  Clients typically shift into a state of deep relaxation, which fosters a sense of peace, safety and security in the world.  Once we feel safe and grounded we can reclaim our natural abilities to heal and step forward with purpose and clarity in our healing journey.  You are invited to ask any questions throughout the session or speak about your experiences at any time.

Clients come to Reiki sessions to aid:

  • Feeling stressed, overworked, overwhelmed
  • Anxiety, feelings of negativity, or depression
  • Chronic illness    
  • Recovery from surgery or injury
  • Addiction


Reiki for Women

 Reiki for Women sessions focus on your needs, and the common needs of women around the globe.  Reiki can help women feel centered and focused on their priorities as mind, body and emotions come back into balance.   Women often give more than we receive, creating an energy debt, or feelings of depletion. Reiki helps to recharge our natural energy centers and empowers you with tools to maintain an ideal energy balance in life.


Reiki for Fertility

Reiki for Fertility sessions focus on identifying and treating any stuck or stagnant energy in the body. After stagnant energy is released the body returns to its natural alignment and opens to receive and use more prana (life force energy).  Special attention will be given to the lower energy centers (chakras) to empower the recipient to heal past traumas and establish healthy alignment of the womb center with the energetic body.  Reiki is safe to receive during any stage of conception and is appropriate for both natural and medically supported approaches to pregnancy.  

Reiki for Fertility treatments are designed to create balance in the subtle body energy field over time, and are offered only as a series of 4 sessions.  Please contact us with any questions prior to scheduling your appointments.


Reiki for Pregnancy

Reiki for Pregnancy healing sessions alleviate the natural, understandable stresses a mother experiences in mind, body and soul during this transformative stage of life.  Mothers feel deeply relaxed and then energized as a natural balance of energy centers are restored.  Babies love to feel their mothers relax!  As tension releases from mama’s body the baby has more space to grow and shift into an ideal position for birth.  Time for deep relaxation fosters connection between mother and child and often releases fears women carry about the future.  Reiki is safe to receive during any stage of pregnancy.


Reiki for Postpartum

Reiki for Postpartum sessions support the major changes in body, mind and soul after pregnancy and birth. Many women feel depleted after this major life change, so we work to balance the chakras and support healing, transformation and integration.  Reiki can help ease the difficult sensations many women feel as they adjust during the intense postpartum transition, such as difficult emotions, uncomfortable memories of difficulties in birth, and the vast physical changes as a woman adjusts to life without a baby growing inside of her.  Reiki can be a valuable modality to help women come back into the present moment at any time, and is especially useful between birth and when yoga or exercise is recommended 6-8 weeks after birth. Women leave feeling relaxed, grounded and more in touch with their natural intuition.  Mothers are empowered with tools to continue their own healing to work and maintain a balanced, positive lifestyle.